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 Bills' CD, A Man and His Guitars, is a collection of eclectic and ethereal instrumental tracks that will cater for a wide range of tastes. Because of this, it's very hard to categorize it into any one genre. It's probably, therefore, best described as Alternative or New Age.

The tracks are very relaxing and are a great way to unwind after a day at work, or to let you drift into a quiet weekend. 

The sounds range from clean guitar to interesting affects driven tunes.

As an example of what to expect, imagine yourself sitting outside under your verandah or patio  and you hear the sound of a rain storm approaching. First the rain begins, then comes the sound of thunder followed by lightening.  As the storm recedes the rain becomes softer and soon ceases.  This is Evening Rain one of the tracks on the new CD. I hope you enjoy listening to these tunes as much as I enjoy playing them.

To listen to a sample of the tracks, click on the links here.

Evening Rain



To purchase my music, you may access the downloadable MP3 files from the iTunes or Amazon links below. You may purchase individual tracks or the entire CD




 Downloads in other formats are also available, either as a full CD or individual tracks at billcoxhead.bandcamp.com


You may also purchase a copy of the CD via Pay Pal., using the Add to Cart button below.

As I produce the CD's entirely myself, from recording to mastering, as well as all the artwork, I do not have costs associated with using third parties. I an therefore able to keep the price of the CD's at a minimum. 

The  new CD,  ROMANTIC GUITAR.  has now been completed.  

I have been asked on a number of occasions, by guests at weddings or audience members at various gigs, if I have released a CD of the tracks played at these functions. It seemed like the right thing to do, and therefore I have been planning the recordings and release for some time now.

It is a collection of my original instrumental Jazz, Contemporary and Latin  ballads and some uplifting tunes. At times also melancholy and haunting, it's ideal for Lovers, Intimate Dinners or Cafes and Restaurants wishing to provide a Romantic and Intimate atmosphere for their clients.

 It's also perfect to listen to as a means of relaxation. Sit back and enjoy the music. You'll be glad you did. 

You may view a video of Spanish Nights here:


YouTube Video


  The CD may  be used to help becalm young  children and has been played within a childcare facility with excellent results.   


Owners of relaxation centres may also find the tunes on this CD suitable for playing through their in house systems. 

If you appreciate pure guitar playing,  this CD is just right.

As well as the demos on the About Moods page, I have included a few more here .



Going To The Pacific

Going To The Pacific


You can purchase the CD using the Pay Pal  Add to Cart Link.

The CD  is also available as an MP3 download on Amazon  or iTunes as either a full CD or individual tracks. To listen to and purchase these, please use the links.




  Downloads in other formats are also available at billcoxhead.bandcamp.com


 Pro Tool        

We also offer mixing and mastering services using Pro Tools, for instrumental guitarists who have recorded their own CD's.

For details, please  email bill@moodsmusic.com.au



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