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Moods Music specialises in providing live Acoustic Guitar music  for Wedding Ceremonies at a very reasonable price.

Bill is a versatile instrumental guitarist, playing original compositions in styles including Jazz and Latin as well as contemporary. He can set the right atmosphere for your big occasion. Should you have any specific requests, we can accommodate this as well. 

Wedding Party


For those wishing to arrange music to suit a Wedding Ceremony, we provide a face to face, one hour consultation service for the Bride and Groom. This will allow you to listen to and decide on which pieces you would like during the guests' arrivals, the Brides entrance, during the ceremony, as well as the Bride and Groom leaving.

Just because it's a Wedding, does not mean it has to be expensive.

A complete package which includes playing during the Guest Arrivals, the Ceremony and Pre Dinner Drinks costs $450 in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.

For further details please email a request to bill@moodsmusic.com.au

wedding websites

To hear a sample of the music played for weddings and restaurants, click on the links below.


My Girls

Spanish Nights


To listen to other samples, please click on either the Amazon or iTunes links .






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Pro Tools

We also offer mixing and mastering services, using Pro Tools,  for instrumental guitarists who have recorded their own music.

For details please email bill@moodsmusic.com.au.

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